​Provide one off-the-wall interview question

Provide one off-the-wall interview question that relates to your organization and industry. Provide a rationale for the question and a scoring key. It should not be an obvious question. Make sure this is an original question, not one you have experienced or read about.

For example: Question: “What is your favorite poem and why?”

Explanation:This question would be unexpected in the job interview so that asking it would allow the interviewer to see how the candidate performs when thrown off balance. There is no “right” poem for the candidate to choose. The point is to let the candidate talk about poetry while measuring the person’s poise under pressure. The scoring key for this question would be:






Candidate is very agitated

Candidate is flustered

Candidate is slightly nervous

Candidate is calm

Candidate is poised

Our Business is: Brewery and bar geared towards college students

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