2nd Extra credit! Ah-Ha Essay (+10 points)

For Extra Credit (+10 added to Final Exam): submit as a Word doc with a short paragraph of original writing describing an “Ah-Ha!” moment you had during the class. Look through the Lessons – it can be any topic we covered. Find one that ‘stood out’ for you. Might be one that relates to your Major — or one with which you disagree. It’s all good. I will add your Bonus Points after the Final after it is done (not early).

For +10 points, make sure your summary is a least 1 paragraph (8 or 10 sentences), well-composed, with no spelling or grammar mistakes. THE SUBMISSION MUST BE YOUR OWN WRITING. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE from Websites or COPY FROM OTHER STUDENTS. CHEATING WILL RECEIVE 0 POINTS ON THIS BONUS ESSAY AND THE FINAL.

Even if you’re doing well in the course (many are) it might be good to submit extra credit for grade “insurance.” Once the final is done it will be too late to submit this bonus assignment

“please write it on lesson 14 which i provided a pdf”

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