600 words

Reflection Paper

Students are required to submit a paper of no more than 750 words that summarizes his/her conclusions on: 1) how your cross cultural awareness has been enhanced and may have changed how you think about engaging in the business in the world 2) how your perspective about how you are perceived and how you wish to be perceived in the global marketplace has changed or been impacted, and 3) how your experience working as a team in a group project has impacted your view of your role on a team and your role in the business world.

ALL submissions must be double spaced, and include the word count. Submissions MUST BE made through Blackboard by 5:00 pm on APRIL 23RD. Late papers (i.e. on or after 5:01 pm on April 23) and/or failure to comply with these instructions will be penalized. Evaluation rubric will be posted on Blackboard. Submit thru SafeAssign on BlackBoard.

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