7.3 Discussion: Membership Trends in Aviation Unions

In this discussion activity, address the following items in your primary, original posting:

  • Membership in unions seems to be on the decline, even as aviation grows globally. Identify two existing unions within the aviation industry and compare and contrast the two unions. Determine the effectiveness of each union and state if you would be likely to join the particular union, explain why or why not. Support your position with supporting research.
  • Discuss membership trends in aviation unions and where you think the demographics of unions will be in the next decade.
  • Include at least one appropriate, accurately documented in-text citation from the textbook and any other source of your choosing from the Hunt Library or Internet.


Read the following resources to increase your understanding of cultural diversity within the aviation industry. The first three are general information about the function of unions. The last two are reports and only certain parts are required reading for the assignments, but the rest of the two reports may supplement all assignments from this time forward.

From the Web:

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