Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

To increase students’ understanding of work team dynamics, students will be required to work in randomly-selected teams.

Each team works on an organization. Here are the things you want to write/talk about.

  1. The background introduction of the organization, such as its culture, and the industry it competes in
  2. Each student describe one leader in the organization, including his/her career path, contribution to the organization etc.
  3. How those leaders work together to make contributions to the organization

Each student is working on one part of the paper (2-3 pages). You must use the American Psychological Association Publication Manual 6.0 as your guide to writing this paper. Use 12 pt. font size, in Times New Roman and double space. Teams are welcome to contact the instructor to discuss any questions or concerns.

The organization is Amazon and the person I chose was Jeff Bezos.

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