Answer 4 Questions Separately

  1. Based on the results of the Orientation to Change Assessment, what is your strongest orientation? Do your overall results make sense to you?
  2. Consider the last time you were experiencing an organization change – what was the kind of resistance you were feeling and what helped you overcome it?
  3. Considering both the Transtheoretical Model and Lewin’s/Schein’s change theories, which do you think most effectively explains the change process for individuals and why?
  4. You have now completed your change assessment and have been discussing how you feel and why you think you achieved a certain score. Some of you have mentioned stability or routines — and others have focused on comfortability with change. Now let’s take a look at an article that focuses on stability and change together and the tension caused between the two. It is in the “course materials” section in the left navigation bar — titled Stability and change. After you read it — write your comments, conclusions of the article here.
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