Apple Strategic Performance Analysis

Read Case 31 in the Strategic Management and Business Policy textbook (Wheelen & Hunger, 2015, pp. 31-1 to 31-21), “Apple Inc.: Performance in a Zero-Sum World Economy” by Moustafa H. Abdelsamad, Hitesh (John) Adhia, David B. Croll, Bernard A. Morin, Lawrence C. Pettit Jr., Kathryn E. Wheelen, Richard D. Wheelen, Thomas L. Wheelen II, and Thomas L. Wheelen, and the Case Analysis Instructions below. Also, review the Apple, Inc. website and appropriate journal articles for additional research material. Analyze the strategic performance of Apple Computer, Inc, in the personal computer (hardware and software) industry. You must cite all resources used and a bibliography. A 5-page response is required for the combination of parts A,B,C and D.

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