Art History 206 St. Jerome Formal & Iconography Essay

Please examen the attached art work and write an essay on the formal analysis and iconography. The essay must be a minimum of three and one-half pages in length, double-spaced, The font must be size 12 and the style New Times Roman, Bookman Old Style, Arial or other similar style. The “Works Cited” or“Bibliography” page is not to be counted as one of the three and a half pages.

Rubric: explain the way the composition is organized, establishment of movement, directionality, balance, rhythm, orientation, unity, focal point, framing, modeling of form, the way textures have been created, light source, the way the interplay of light and dark has been created, anchoring features (triangle, X), the construction of space, perspective (atmospheric, intuited, linear), affective features, construction of character through formal features.

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