Barry University Organization Supply Chain Management Questions

9.1. Explain the importance of decision for managers at each of the tree primary organization levels along the associated decision characteristics.

9.2 Classify different operational support systems managerial support systems, and strategic support, systems and explain how mangers can use these systems to make decision and gain competitive advantages.

9.3 Describe artificial intelligence and identify its five main types.

CHAPTER 10: Extending the Organization Supply Chain Management

10.1 Describe supply chain management along its impact business.

10.2. Identify the three components of supply chain management along the with the technologies reinventing the supply chain.

CHAPTER 11: Building a Customer-centric Organization-Customer Relationship Management

11.1. Describe customer relationship management along whit its importance to a business.

11.2. Differentiate between operational and analytical customer relationship management.

11.3. Identify the three current trends extending customer relationship management.

CHAPTER 12: Integrating the Organization from End to End-Enterprise Resource Planning

12.1. Describe the Role Information plays in enterprise resource planning systems.

12.2. Identify the core and extended areas enterprises resource planning

12.3. Discuss the current Technologies organization are integrating enterprise resource planning systems.

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