Based on the following scenario, what would be the core elements of a conflict r

Needs to be APA style 1 page intext citations and references. 

Based on the following scenario, what would be the core elements of a conflict resolution procedure you would develop?

Your organization has just introduced a new software product to the market. The product release was already several months behind schedule and the organization head authorized release before customer service and sales personnel were trained and debriefed on the product. The product has had excellent sales; however, customers are calling in to complain about an installation issue that causes their system to crash. While the creators of the product are aware of the problem, the “fix” is not widely known within the organization. Customers are upset when they cannot get help or answers and are taking out their frustration on the technicians and representatives responding to the calls. The technicians and representatives are blaming the situation on the sales staff for putting out a product with such a problem, and the sales staff is blaming administration and production for putting out a product without giving the sales staff training or debugging information. As more of the product is returned and the profit line is taking a hit, all the departments involved are feeling pressure from the executive team. Your supervisor knows that you have been focusing on conflict management in your course work and has asked you to develop a conflict resolution procedure to address this and similar problems.

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