budget, and forecasted financials, including a break-even chart.

Develop the budget worksheet, the forecast worksheet and the required breakeven analysis chart.

The budget and forecasted financials serves as the map for any organizational strategic planning by achieving the company’s financial and operational goals.The tea company, Teavana, has seen much growth in the past years, though having been trendy in advertising its excellent products there has been stiff competition to outshine other companies within the coffee industry. By investing at least $6 million more in researching other mediums that for advertisement to increase company awareness among its target market as well as open possibilities towards a secondary market. This advertisement could be subdivided according to various medium; Magazine $ 2 million more, Internet and direct marketing $1.5 million more, $2 million more on television advertisement and $.5 million on other advertisement promotions. Teavana will also have to invest more time and money in fundamental market research to better suit needs of consumers within the market, which will guarantee it, better capitalize on opportunities in the media.

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