BUS335 Strayer Staffing Organizations Discussions

  • Select three (3) out of the five (5) discussion questions presented on page 302 of your textbook. Answer your chosen questions, and justify your answers. Reply to two students post below: I have the Third Edition of our required Textbook. The discussion questions appear on page 316. I will answer questions question 1, 3 and 4.#1. List and briefly describe each of the administrative issues that need to be addressed in the planning stage of external recruiting.Some companies require a Requisition for Hiring in the planning stage of external staffing. After this requisition is approved, the job is posted on message boards and other social outlets. After the posting, contact of the most qualified applicants needs to take place. All of the better qualified applicants’ qualifications are looked at. The pool of applicants is finalized by weeding out those who do not match the company’s value and cultural system. The company should have a list of job qualifications—each applicant should meet this criteria. After this process those applicants still standing are contacted to come in for an in-person interview. From that pool of folks interviewed—the number of people should be getting smaller and smaller. Finally, after several rounds of interviews, the company should have two people who are highly qualified for the position vacancy. Each of the final two people should be interviewed and from those two people—one person should be chosen to receive the job offer. #3. In designing the communication message to be used in external recruiting, what kinds of information should be included?The communication message must contain the Job Title, Job Description, Job Qualifications and the company information. The Job Title literally introduces the position. This layout of information is important because the job should attract the most highly qualified individuals. The Job Description sets forth the job activities. It will answer the question—what will be my requirements when I am at work. What will they want me to accomplish? The company name and other information should be listed in the communication message. If the hiring company has a Marketing Development Unit, these folks can help to write an ad that can appear on the workplace site and social media outlets. The message must be consistent everywhere it appears. The information must be compact. If the information is too wordy, applicants will automatically (without reading) think he/she is not qualified. Again, the more effective the information is—the more it will appeal to the best qualified job applicants.#4. What are the advantages of conveying a realistic recruitment message as opposed to portraying the job in a way that the organization thinks that job applicants want to hear?The most important advantage to conveying a realistic message is company honesty. An employer/employee relationship which starts with honest dialog is profitable to the company. For instance, Company B is hiring for an Administrative Coordinator. The communication for hiring indicates that the Coordinator position requires management experience. The company’s written portrayal of the position is highly embellished. The position’s title and requirements (after hiring a young lady with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management) are not well-suited. The young lady is over-qualified for the job. The position is not a Coordinator’s position—the position could have very well been called “Copy Room Attendant”. This could cause a decline in the company’s reputation in the community. The employer glamorized the position and nothing the employer said was true. Second student post: What information should be included in the targeted internal communication message? In the targeted internal communication message the information that should be included is what the job is directly and what the job could do for the employee. A targeted message points out how the job matches the needs of the applicant (Henemann, pg 285). So if the message is to match the needs of the applicant then pointing out the specifics of the job as in qualification and procedures of the job so that it will attract the right attention or qualified employee.A sound promotion policy is important. List the characteristics necessary for an effective promotion policy? In order for a policy to be consider it must be carried out or implemented.
      • Continually collect data from leaders regarding the fit of mobility policies with organizational goals. If implementing the policies as written is difficult or interferes with organizational effectiveness, they should be revised.
      • Track compliance with preestablished criteria and reinforce why these criteria are important for managers.
      • Use tracking systems that ensure communication and selection procedures are followed and that favoritism and bias are minimized.
      • Document employee development progress. Methods for tracking should be automated (such as through automatic e-mails or posting to a central career management system) and accessible for users.
      • Supervisors and employees should receive regular updates regarding the status of any internal mobility decisions. This can be automated in a manner similar to the development progress system

    Carrying out these policy and doing the necessary followup work to ensure that the policies are being carried out help to ensure accuracy with the policy. It has to have willing participants who’s focus is on the job and making sure the policies or rules governing the organization are filled.Exhibit 6.10 contains many suggestions for improving the advancement of women and minorities. Choose the three suggestions you think are most important and explain why.1. Work/life balance initiatives for employees with and without children- This suggestion will allow the women who have and don’t have children the balance that is needed in their lives. This suggestion is important because everyone needs the help with balancing everyday work life/ and life at home with the children or without.2. Every manager is also expected to serve as a mentor, helping his or her protégés acquire the KSAOs necessary for continued advancement- This is an important suggestion because you can physically see the work that it will require to become a manager. The protege will be given a demonstration of what is needed to be successful by means of the manager their mentor.3. Strong support and participation from the CFO and from women’s leadership network groups – Having this suggestion gives women of minorities groups to see someone like them at the top. This will give them aspirations to go along an be what they can be. -DavettaHeneman III, H. G., Judge, T. A., & Kammeyer-Mueller, J. D. (2019). Staffing organizations (9th ed.). Middleton, WI: Mendota House / McGraw-Hill.

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