C++ Program and Sort a Template Array of Data

Follow all common instructions from prior labs, like those related to file and project naming, partner rating, files to be submitted etc.

Write a C++ program that will sort a template array of data using the following guidelines –

  1. Ask the user for the number of elements, not to exceed SORT_MAX_SIZE = 32
  2. Ask the user for the type of data they want to sort – int, double, char, string.
  3. Allow the user to enter data of their own choosing up to their chosen array size
  4. Then sort the same array in the descending order using Insertion Sort, Quick Sort and Merge Sort, all recursive
  5. Print out the array contents after the completion of every recursion step for each algorithm to visually demonstrate how the array is getting sorted by that algorithm. Take screenshots to be uploaded with the project.
  6. Also, write out the screen output to an output file as well as your identifying information at the top.
  7. Ensure input and any other data validations as needed and provide descriptive prompts with emphasis on usability.
  8. Upload both your project zip and the output file.
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