Case Study 4 questions I need complete APA format

In order to best understand the process of crafting and executing strategy, written case studies based on real organizations will be used during the course. For these assignments, learners will be required to write and submit a narrative that includes an analysis of the business situation, responses to the questions in narrative form and provide relevant recommendations that might positively impact the organization. Write a properly formatted APA paper (Abstract, body, conclusion, reference list), (detailed explanations), that addresses the questions below.

Case Study Questions:

1.  What is Mystic Monk’s vision and purpose?

2.  Of the four general strategic approaches that a company may pursue discussed in Chapter 1 (page 8-9), which one seems  most aligned with Father Daniel Mary’s strategy?

3.  In your assessment, what is Mystic Monk’s competitive advantage?  Is it sustainable?

4.  What additional recommendations do you have for Father Daniel Mary?

Attached is the case study and page 8 and 9 for question 2. Plag free original work following directions. thanks

Page 8 and 9  .Case Study 

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