Case writing

1. Please view the videos on McFarlan’s Strategic Grid (Links to an external site.) and Cloud Computing: Why IT Governance Still Matters (Links to an external site.). Using the “Managing Technology at Genex Fuels” case study at the end of Section IV in the textbook, please answer these questions:

  1. What mistakes did Genex make in the way technology was being managed?
  2. How did Genex get into the current situation?
  3. How are those technology mistakes hurting the business?
  4. What would you recommend to remedy the situation?

Your write-up should be about 2 double-spaced pages.(2)

I don’t have the book .

It Strategy Mckeen ISBN 9781943153343 Copyright 15Publisher Pearson Edition 3 Binding Digital Content

No Plagiarism please.

2. Using an e-commerce example like Amazon, discuss how e-commerce has changed the way that you comparison shop for features and the best price, and how that has changed you buying habits. Discuss how online reviews affect your buying decisions. Mention if you use QR codes or apps on your smart phone to help you make purchasing decisions, or to make actual purchases. Indicate if you use PayPal, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, or other alternatives to pay for items.

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