Write a paper of no more than 1,050 words

Write a paper of no more than 1,050 words to explain how the consumer of your target company (“client”) from Week 1 is influenced during the decision-making process by targeted product positioning. The paper must address the following:

  • Research the product positioning of similar products to determine the best positioning for your client’s product, and explain your findings.
  • Recommend a product positioning strategy, and explain why the strategy selected is the optimal choice.
  • Explain how the promotional strategies are expected to influence consumer decision making within the targeted market group.
  • Discuss how environmental factors, cultural differences, and reference groups have an impact on the positioning.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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JWI518 Strayer University Marketing in Digital Age Discussion Question

Learning Journal

(Due by Sunday, midnight of your time zone in Week 10)

Inviting Your Feedback

This course has provided you with an understanding of marketing at your organization and beyond.

  • Discuss how this knowledge has changed your understanding of marketing in the digital age
  • Comment on the process of designing a marketing campaign. What aspects of this process were particularly useful to you?
  • Reflect on how your new skills in marketing and leadership might be helpful for your career trajectory
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Forming and Managing Multiparty Coalitions

  • How do coalitions get started and how do they grow?
  • What tactics can you implement to strengthen a multiparty coalition?
  • What are the differences between a bedfellow and a fence sitter in terms of forming and storming coalitions?
  • Are Internet coalitions “sticky”?
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PMO Discussion – 2

Chapter 1 in the course text (Hill, 2013) described the concept and importance of the project management method. Identify the primary reasons for the PMO adopting a project management methodology.

  • Chapters 1 & 2 in The Complete Project Management Office Handbook

Respond to one of the following options:

  • Identify an organization that has a PMO (which may be based on your work experience). Describe and assess the effectiveness of its project management methodology.
  • Identify an organization that could use a PMO. Recommended a project management methodology and justify the recommendation.

Additionally, please respond to at least two discussion board commentaries with substantive contributions that advance the discussion dialog by offering examples, extending the explanation, and/or asking thoughtful questions.

Requirement :

1. Simple essay format with conclusion.

2. No APA format expected,

3. Need atleast 2 citations (one can be the author)

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Please take note of the following Assignment expectations:

Each Assignment has a specific due date identified in the Course Summary at the end of this syllabus.

Each Assignment is to be uploaded as one MS Word file into the appropriate Class identified in the Course Summary.

Each Assignment must conform to the following presentation standards:

Pages must be white, 8.5 x 11 inches.

Type is black, Arial 10 point font; double spaced.

Margins are one inch top, bottom, and left. The right margin is 1.5 inches.

Each page is to be numbered at the bottom right.

Four pages are required for each Assignment. No title page is required.

The first and third pages must include these headings in bold underlined:



The first two pages present your discussion of the assigned reading from “The Fifth Discipline”.

The third and fourth pages present your discussion of the assigned reading from “The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook”.

Grading of each Assignment will be according to the following rubric:

Correct Content = 2 points

Correct Number of Pages = 2 points

Correct Headings = 2 points

Significance of Thought = 2 points

Late Assignments will not be accepted for grading.

to read the books:


UserName: alatawi_nadiah@hotmail.com

PW: nado2010*

And those Pic that I Upload its for helping you to know what subject that you need to read.

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Assignment 4: Special Occasion Speech

STEP 2: Select a Topic

Topic Bank

(Choose only one topic.)

Speech of Introduction

Introduce a classmate whom you have nominated for the “Most Effective Speaker” award in your COM201 course.

Speech of Acceptance

You have been given an award for the “Most Persuasive Speech” and must give an acceptance speech at an awards banquet to close the night.

Speech of Presentation

Commemorative Speech

Your instructor is being honored with an “Outstanding Learning Award” at a local Strayer University sponsored event and you have been asked to present the award.

Topic Examples: (Choose your own topic)

  • •Paying tribute to Elie Wiesel
  • •Paying tribute to the Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Paying tribute to Elie Wiesel
  • Paying tribute to the Make-A-Wish Foundation

STEP 3: Create an Outline Create an outline or speaking notes in Microsoft Word. A sample template is available in the “Assignment 4 Outline” section located in Week 9 of your course. Structure and organize your speech so you’ll stay within the 4-minute time limit.STEP 1: Read Assigned Chapters Ensure you have completed chapter readings for all previous weeks. This information will help you successfully complete Assignment 4.

Chapter 18: Speaking on Special Occasions. This chapter covers the most common types of special occasion speeches.

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Coy evaluation


Please use company “satyam computer services”.

Assessment Summary:

This assessment task assists students to develop skills with which they will be able to demonstrate the ability to keep up to date on legislative and regulatory matters and changes, and determine their effects on business performance, management planning and decision making.

Assignment Task overview:

Prepare a critical evaluation of a public company (of your choosing) that has suffered from a severe financial crisis or become insolvent at some time over the past 10-15 years. Your essay should include( but not be limited by) a discussion about the following issues:

– a (brief) history of the company and how it formed

– its key initial success drivers, financial milestones or achievements

– any major changes in its structure over its life -ie mergers/demergers/major capital management programs etc

– the generally accepted reasons that caused its failure

– the social impact of its failure both internally (ie staff) and externally, across the wider business community and society in general

– a summary of the lessons learned (This might include regulatory changes)

Note: Your essay is more than just a report. You are also required to analyse evaluate and produce a line of argument to support your analysis findings.

A Few Points to Guide You:

– Marks will be awarded primarily upon the strength of the arguments you present- these should be based on solid the research using material from credible reports, analysis and commentary.

– The use of practical examples will provide support to your paper

-Your work must be in essay format- meaning you are encouraged to present your own supported opinion

-You must research widely, but include references, cited using APA style (write about 10 references), from credible sources-You must adhere to the word count. You will be penalized for exceeding the word limit

– Word limit is 2000 words (plus/minus 10%). Please adhere to word limit as content beyond it will not be assessed

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Duties of Corporate Directors and Officers

Read the following scenario.

Fitzgerald Foods is a food processing corporation. In the past year, three directors were forced to leave Fitzgerald Foods after it was discovered the directors breached their legal duties to the corporation. Two of the directors were also officers of the corporation. The chairman of the board at Fitzgerald Foods is concerned that the remaining directors don’t understand their legal duties to the corporation and that new directors won’t understand their duties either.

You are the chief executive officer (CEO) of the corporation. The chairman of the board asked you to work with the corporation’s legal counsel to create a company policy document for directors and officers about their legal duties to the corporation.

Develop a 700- to 1,050-word company policy (template provided) for Fitzgerald Foods’ directors and officers completing the following:

  • Legal Duties of Directors and Officers (a heading from policy document)
    • Explain the legal duties of directors and officers to the corporation, including the “business judgment rule.”
  • Benefits of Compliance (a heading from policy document)
    • Discuss the benefits of compliance for Fitzgerald Foods.
  • Consequences of Noncompliance (a heading from policy document)
    • Analyze how unethical activity by a director or officer can lead to a violation of a legal duty owed to the corporation.
    • Provide a brief example from a news article or court case within the last three years that demonstrates corporate director or officer liability in the United States.
  • Recommend separately (not a heading on the policy document) to the chairman of the board in 45 to 90 words at least two business risk management procedures that Fitzgerald Foods can adopt in the future to avoid violations of legal duties by its directors and officers.

Use the Fitzgerald Foods Company Policy template as a guide for your policy document. (FILE HAS BEEN ATTACHED)

Search the internet for examples of completed policy documents using the following search parameters: policy document example, policy document template, policy document format, policy document sample, or any variation you choose. An example may assist you to complete your policy document.

Cite a minimum of two references according to APA guidelines.

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QNT561 UOPX Week 3 Expansion Strategy & Establishing a ReOrder Point Report

Assignment Content

  1. Purpose of Assignment
    This assignment has two cases. The first case is on expansion strategy. Managers constantly have to make decisions under uncertainty. This assignment gives students an opportunity to use the mean and standard deviation of probability distributions to make a decision on expansion strategy. The second case is on determining at which point a manager should re-order a printer so he or she doesn’t run out-of-stock. The second case uses normal distribution. The first case demonstrates application of statistics in finance and the second case demonstrates application of statistics in operations management.
    Assignment Steps
    Resources: Microsoft Excel®, Bell Computer Company Forecasts data set, Case Study Scenarios
    Write a 1,050-word report based on the Bell Computer Company Forecasts data set and Case Study Scenarios.
    Include answers to the following:
    Case 1: Bell Computer Company
    • Compute the expected value for the profit associated with the two expansion alternatives. Which decision is preferred for the objective of maximizing the expected profit?
    • Compute the variation for the profit associated with the two expansion alternatives. Which decision is preferred for the objective of minimizing the risk or uncertainty? 
    • Case 2: Kyle Bits and Bytes
    • What should be the re-order point? How many HP laser printers should he have in stock when he re-orders from the manufacturer?
    • Format your assignment consistent with APA format.
      Submit your assignment.
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Mexico Business Negotiation Persuasion and Disagreements PP Presentation

First of all we choose Mexico

I’m doing this work with my group so I only have one part I don’t want it to be that long

evaluations, leadership, decision-making, communication, time management, persuasion and disagreements.

I want you to do the evaluations

put it in one slide of powerpoint

use this website


here is what the professor said

*An essential aspect of preparing for a negotiation, whether domestic or foreign, is to conduct research on the other party and its background. Please select a country, in conjunction with your instructor, and evaluate its culture by examining and describing how it approaches evaluations, leadership, decision-making, communication, time management, persuasion and disagreements.

Please prepare a PowerPoint presentation summarizing your findings. Be certain to use more than one source for your data.

In your final slide, please describe a core value that is specific to, or more pronounced in, the country that you are studying, Describe its particular relevance for cross-cultural negotiations in that country. The value you select can be reflected in other areas within the culture. In Finland, for instance, a core value is fairness and equality. This is reflected in the country’s approach to consensual decision-making and meritocratic leadership.*

If you have anything feel free to ask me

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