CCSU Effective Listening Paper

Journal Entry #5: Listening /Small Talk Based upon: Chapter 5 (Listening) and Lectures: Listening & Small Talk 1. Give an example of a time when you were an ineffective listener with your partner. What did you do/not do? What was the effect on your Partner at the moment? Were there any long-term impacts? Do the same for an example of Interpersonal Journal Assignment 7 Interpersonal Communication a time you were an effective listener with your partner. What might you do differently in the future? 2. What listening style do you exhibit most often (people-oriented, actionoriented, content-oriented, time-oriented)? Is it the same as or different from your Partner? How have you adapted your listening (or how has your partner adapted his/her listening style) to your communication? Give an example of when you changed your listening style based upon the situation. 3. What daily challenges do you encounter in your listening to your Partner? What strategies do you use to overcome these listening barriers? Are there additional strategies you can employ? 4. Give an example of a difficult listening situation with your partner where the outcome was not favorable. Analyze the situation: What made it difficult? What barriers may have existed? Now consider how you could have improved your listening in this situation. How might you have responded to acknowledge that you were listening and understood what was being discussed.

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