Cedar Crest College Characteristics and Creation Paper

Characteristics and Creation

A.  In General



              B.  Classification of Agents 

                  –  General vs. Special

                  –  Express vs. Implied

                  –  Special Types of Agents

                      .  Attorneys at Law

                      .  Auctioneers

                      .  Real Estate Brokers and Commissioned Sales Agents

               C.  Agents Distinguished

                      –  From Independent Contractors

                      –  From Trustees

                      –  From Employees

              D.  Classification of Principals

                    –  Disclosed

                    –  Partially Disclosed

                    –  Undisclosed

             E.  Creation of the Agency Relationship

                   –  Agency by Appointment (Express)

                   –  Agency by Ratification

                   –  Agency by Estoppel

                   –  Apparent or Ostensible Agency

                   –  Agency by Necessity

You have to choose one of these subject and write assignment about it and write some example you can do how many pages you want.

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