COM530 Southern New Hampshire University Landmark Court Cases Discussion


For this assignment, you will write a paper of 4 to 6 pages in which you will analyze landmark court cases for how they have impacted digital communication. Pick three landmark court decisions that changed digital communication. These cases are identified and detailed in the chapters of your Media Law text. Make sure to choose cases from several different areas of law. Do not just focus on one area. You can choose cases from chapters we have already covered or from future chapters.

However, you may not choose Roth v. United States (1957) or Miller v. California (1973) for this activity, as these cases are the focus of the Module Six journal activity.

For each case, complete the following:

  1. Write a brief summary of the case.
  2. Describe how the ruling impacted or changed digital communication practices and law. What changes in the communication industry were a result of the case?
  3. Analyze the case and describe how it will impact the future of digital communication. Even cases that occurred decades ago can impact communication today and in the future.
  4. Based on the above determination, compile a list of three to five “best legal practices” (guidelines, or “do’s” and “don’ts”) that professionals should use in creating digital messages and other content for their companies.



TEXTBOOK: Media: Law and Ethics by Michael D. Murray and Roy L. Moore

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