COMFP3200 Capella University Observing Verbal & Nonverbal Behaviors Summary


General feedback: Please review APA formatting as it is a criteria in each assessment. For example line spacing should be double with no spacing before or after. Review appropriate headers as you have some that are italicized. Also, your paragraphs should be more than 2 sentences. Also make sure to add at least 1/2 paragraph of info to each

Assessment 2:

  • Be sure to address each bullet point highlighted in the assessment instructions. For example:
    How communication theories can impact the workplace and our personal and professional relationships.
    Although you mentioned the different theories related to gender and communication, you did not address how these theories impact the workplace and personal/professional relationships.
  • Elaborate on the influence gender has on communication.

Assessment 4:

  • In line with the instructors feedback: Second, instructors frequently show differential desires for guys and females e.g., making “spruce up” and “development” focuses and tolerating—notwithstanding encouraging—sex separated use. Third, educators encourage kids’ sex predispositions by stamping sexual orientation as significant by utilizing it to name and sort out understudies. What does this mean? Elaborate on what you mean by these statements.
  • Describe how colleges and universities either support or disregard gender issues on campus. With this criteria you must first identify what the issues are then describe whether they are supported or disregarded.
  • Summarize the role of gender in the student-instructor dynamic. I was a bit confused with the discussion of the study hall as the previous paragraph discussed gender roles. Was this literature you reviewed or your personal observation? The instructor requested that you expand on the suggestion that based on the sex of the instructor, students participated in study hall.
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