COMM100A UCLA Weeb 3B Butlers Theory of Performativity Essay

“Goodwin’s Professional Vision analyzes different readings of the video of Rodney King being beaten by police in Los Angeles, in terms of the way police and court experts coded, highlighted and represented the beating of King. Use Butler’s theory of performativity (and its moves of citation, iteration, materialization, performative and sedimentation) to analyze the actual courtroom practices of police & law officials that Goodwin describes.”

Helpful hint – your response should include:

— description of the specific action or scene in courtroom

— how Goodwin interpreted this

— how Butler can interpret same thing (using terms above)

This requirement is base on the reading below, i believe you can find the video of Rodney King on Youtube, and also we have some description on the reading of Goodwin’s reading. all course concepts were included in the PPT below. please use all of these concepts which were required in the requirement. I will also upload the similar assignment that you wrote last week, it has some comments, please kindly read it and hopefully it would help. Thank you

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