Assessment task 1 – Essay

1,500 words (+/- 10%) 15 marks

Your task is to write an Essay on the following topic:

  • When constructing a message, key elements need to be understood to effectively reach your target audience. Discuss the key elements that are needed to be understood when constructing an email in a business or professional context.

The topic relates to the unit content from weeks 1 to 6. This includes understanding the audience and context; appropriate language, content and formatting; how noise can affect how the email is understood or interpreted; choosing the most appropriate channel.

You are to use at least FOUR sources in addition to the textbook in your referencing of this assignment which should include journal articles accessed from the Library databases. Please review all assessment information before beginning this assignment.


Include a title page (include name and student number, course name and number, name of coordinator or lecturer, assessment title and name, word length and due date).

The introduction is approximately 10 percent of the overall word count. In your introduction you should include the aim of the essay/script; the key points you will be discussing and your key argument. Remember that your conclusion will also need to connect and summarise whatever issues are raised in the introduction.

Each paragraph in the main body/discussion should have a topic sentence followed by information relating to that topic.

References must be used in the body/discussion to back up your points/arguments. Use communication and business communication sources and access the Library databases for sources such as journal articles. The textbook has several useful sections on communication in its various aspects. Do not use Wikipedia and only use web pages that are authoritative – follow the CARS checklist below:

  • C = is the website/source CREDIBLE? Does it make sense? Is it a place that usually provides unbiased/impartial information?
  • A = is the website/source ACCURATE? Is it up to date? Are the statistics/data recent or relatively ‘fresh’?
  • R = is the website/source RELIABLE? Is it a place you can always count on to be correct and trustworthy?
  • S = is the website/source SUBSTANTIATED? Do you know who wrote/designed/hosts it? Do you have a name you can check up on?

You are to use APA (American Psychological Association) referencing in your assignment.

The conclusion is approximately 10 percent of the overall word count. In your conclusion you summarise the key points you have made in both your introduction and in the body of the assignment – avoid new information and references in the conclusion.

Include a reference list of sources cited in your assignment. Only put in the reference list those sources that have been used (cited). Remember, if you use any information from outside sources it must be referenced in the body of the essay/script and cited in the reference list. Access thereferencing guide on how to correctly format a reference list.

The title page, references and reference list are not included in the word count.


  • Size 11 or 12 point font size depending on your choice of font which should be clear and unfussy.
  • 1.5 line spacing.
  • Extra line space between paragraphs.
  • Page numbering begins on first page after title page.
  • Do not use headings, bullet points or graphics (these are appropriate for reports but not essays/scripts).
  • Use third person in the essay (do not use I, you, us, we, our). Say instead: ‘This essay will discuss … It has been suggested that … it may be argued that …’
  • First and second person can be used (sparingly) in the script where appropriate.
  • Do not use abbreviations or contractions in the essay (say ‘for example, not ‘e.g.’; say it will not rather than it won’t).
  • Abbreviations or contractions are acceptable in the script as it is written to be spoken in a Tedx talk.
  • Do not use colloquial terms – slang words or informal expression; both the essay and script are formal pieces of academic writing and need to be treated as such.
  • Dictionary Australian English or British English (Macquarie or Oxford Australian).
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