Communication strategy and approach

In the concepts reviewed in Unit 1 through Unit 4, it is important to understand that the full and proper application of the risk management process should generate a range of information and data that needs to be stored and reviewed, thus, establishing the need for an effective Communication strategy when managing a project. Development of your Communication approach includes understanding WHO your audience is, WHAT you need to communicate, and the OBJECTIVE you hope to achieve with the information shared.

Applying your understanding of how to effectively Communicate Risks and Plan outcomes in the scope of a project do you recall a time when important information was shared with you (public or private) and how you received perceived this information?

In your response, consider the following:

  1. How did you receive the information? What is good or bad news?
  2. Do you believe you were the right person to receive the information? Why or Why Not?
  3. Was the communication approach taken effective? Why or Why Not?
  4. If the tables were turned, how would you have approached the communication of the same information
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