Complete Business Reflection Discussion (RAVEN)

Please view the pictures for the instructions and I have also added info for you to use:

Because for Paragraph 1-3

I have to discuss work experience, profession, and career plans/future.

So to give you some information about myself. I’m a finance officer at Pike county sheriff’s office. I’ve been in the Military for 5 year 10 months. My future plans is to earn my Masters degree, commission and become an officer in the military and one day to open up my own tax/financing business.

Paragraph 4 is basically about picking what assignments helped me learn the most. So I guess that will be picking the most important assignments.

For the Assignments Module 1 was about the importance of Ethics at WORK, Module 2 focus on Love and If love is all you need to have a successful business, Module 3 was about growing up with a start up.

So I would say the most important thing that I learned is about Ethics and how loyalty to your workers and the love for your business would all play an important role in the thrive of a successful business

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