Concordia University Gender and Leadership Article Discussion

1)Discuss the over-emergence analyzed in the article and how, if at all, you see that at work in your field. In what ways is the concept of the marble ceiling related yet distinct from the glass ceiling concept? Post a substantive response to the question (minimum 250 words).

Some materials below:

Leadership Over-emergence in Self-managing Teams: The Role of Gender and Countervailing Biases


Cracking the Marble Ceiling

cracking the marble ceiling.pdf

2)Visit to watch two video interviews from the list designed for specific modules. The interview discussion board thread entry will answer the following question by 11:59 pm on Thursday. Include both video interviews in your one weekly post. In what ways do the interviewees articulate a specifically gendered approach to leadership in their fields? Module 2 Selections: Pick TWO from the list below Angela Salinas Andrea Jung Anna Maria Chavez Carol Gilligan Billie Jean King Condoleezza Rice Connie Chung Diane Nash Dolores Huerta Dr. Susan Love Post a substantive response to the question (minimum 250 words)

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