Correct my paper :- Compensation Case Study: Job Choice Case 5-6 pages

I did the paper and I got comments from my teacher. I need you to address all my teacher comments and make sure you DO IT 100% CORRECT.

My teacher comments:

I did find your paper, as you can tell. I read it and I’m confused. This is a compensation case. the most important things were to:

1) Compare the two jobs economically to derive the total annual monetary value of the current job and the new job. Your peers created a table with data proved and then monetized it. And

2) Was to analyze the cost of living in the five cities to see of the raise from the new job would cover the higher expenses. I see neither of these here.

As is, your paper is way off the mark and will not receive a passing grade.


You’ve been asked to consider a new job opportunity in several different cities.The new position is in your current field, but it is a definite promotion.You currently reside in Portland, OR.The promotional opportunities are in the following cities:San Jose, CA; Washington, DC; Honolulu, HI; or Stamford, CT.Compensation information about your current and the prospective job is listed below. The position data is the same regardless of which city it’s located.Use the Total Rewards model to decide which, if any, job you should take.

Please describe the reasons for your decision in a 5-6 page, double-spaced case study.The best responses will evaluate the new compensation package vs. your current job, present verification of cost of living comparisons, and have a discussion of three non-monetary reward factors.Start with an executive summary and have at 3 to 5 sources for cost-of living estimates.

At this point in your life, you have no family obligations and are willing to relocate. You do not own a home, but rather you rent a 1000 square foot apartment.Your current job doesn’t have the prospect of a promotion for another five years.

Current Job

  • Job Title:Product Manager
  • Base Pay:$65,000
  • Bonus:10% target, max = 20%
  • Benefits include:
  • Medical/dental/vision, cost to employee = $150/mo.
  • Matching 401(k) at 6% $ for $
  • 15 days of vacation, 3 sick days
  • 7 holidays
  • On-site gym for free
  • Zoo and OMSI memberships
  • Supervise three people
  • Infrequent travel (8 days a year)
  • current ave. merit increase = 4.5%
  • Company hit budgeted revenue and budgeted net income 7 of last 10 yrs. (bonus achieved through sales targets)

Proposed Job

  • Job Title:Production Director
  • Base Pay:$80,000
  • Bonus:15% target, max = 15%
  • Benefits include:
  • Medical/dental/vision, cost to employee = $200/mo.
  • Matching 401(k) at 4% .50 for $1
  • 15 days of paid time off
  • 10 holidays
  • Company paid health club
  • Tuition reimbursement towards MBA
  • All relocation paid by company (no cost to employee, no taxes)
  • Supervise seven people
  • Frequent travel (6 days a month)
  • Company car allowance of $500/mo.
  • current ave. merit increase = 3.5%
  • Company hit budgeted revenue 5 of 10 years and budgeted net income 8 of 10 yrs. (bonus achieved through cost cutting)
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