Creating an Ethical Environment

Discussion: Creating an Ethical Environment

Organizational cultures develop over time. Their development is a by-product of direct action, the experiences and personalities of employees, and the experiences of the organization internally and externally. The culture develops slowly, evolving with each new experience. Consequently, changing the organization takes time. When we speak of an ethical environment, we are largely speaking of creating an organizational culture that has a strong, positive, ethical perspective. Based on your experiences:

· What might be the greatest challenges to creating a more ethical environment in your organization? Why?

· What might be the current organizational attributes that you might be able to leverage in creating a more ethical environment in your organization? Why?

· What are some approaches you might take in your organization to create a more ethical environment?

Note: In this discussion, you are being asked about creating a more ethical environment. You might feel that your organization has a highly ethical environment, and that might be the case. However, any environment, any system, and any practice can be refined and improved. We need to be wary about believing that any organization acts in a fully ethical manner at all times, at all levels, and in the actions of all employees. That perspective might contribute to potentially unethical behaviors being ignored until a crisis finally occurs.

Your post should be at least 250 words. Support your ideas with the Riverbend City: Ethical Perspectives (In attachments), relevant examples, and evidence published within the past five (5) years. Include at least one academic resource in addition to materials assigned in this course to support your reasoning. All references must be cited using current APA style and format.

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