Critical Essay – global media & entertainment industries – for Australian student

Note: this essay is for an Australian university not United State, so when you talk about LOCAL that would mean Australia

You will address a key issue or concept from the unit in a fully referenced critical essay drawn from weekly responses.

Read the instructions and Criterion-Referenced Assessment sheet (uploaded) carefully. in file (CYB106_Assessment_Task_2_2019.pdf) aim at the High Distinction mark only.

What you need to do: In this assessment, you will synthesize material from CYB106 to analyse an issue of significance in the global media & entertainment industries. Essay prompt: “What do the various case studies discussed in class tell us about the complexities of globalization?” You must make an original argument in response to the question and then support or defend your claim by drawing upon at least four assigned CYB106 readings. You can use the following themes for inspiration: • Formal/informal industries • Global/local tensions CYB106: Global Media & Entertainment Industries – Assessment Task 2 Page 3 of 7 • Value/risks of globalization • Catalysts/barriers to globalization You may find it productive to consider the themes from the perspective of different global stakeholders (e.g., national governments, policymakers, companies, citizens, audiences, or workers). We have designed activities in tutorials to help you work through each step of the writing process. An excellent critical essay will: • articulate a specific claim based on sound reasoning, highly relevant evidence and with clear understanding of the theme • trace meaningful connections across disparate ideas and material that is expertly drawn from at least four CYB106 readings. • do more than summarize what other people say about a topic. Instead, its analysis will infer connections across ideas to support and defend a position that requires reasoning and evidence. • craft a coherently structured analytical essay You are highly encouraged to use weekly reading questions for inspiration and draw from relevant quiz responses for draft material. You do not have to do any outside research for this assessment but must correctly reference all unit readings. You have been documenting your initial reflections on unit material throughout the semester as part of Assessment 1. In doing so, you have engaged with several disciplinary leaders who are trying to make sense of the economic and cultural dimensions of global media & entertainment. Now, you have an opportunity to explore those concerns in a more thorough and systematic fashion. What is an analysis? We will explore this question in lectures and tutorials but, in short, an analysis supports or defends an original claim about a very specific topic. It often breaks down that topic into smaller components to identify meaningful relationships amongst different ideas or perspectives, and then uses that material to justify a position or point of view. For example, you’ll read an article by Marwan Kraidy near the end of the term. In his essay, he argues that the impact of reality television in the Middle East are more diverse than what we normally assume. This is his original claim about a particular television genre in a specific context. If you read the essay closely, you can follow how he breaks the idea down into different components, perspectives, and relationships that all work to support his initial claim (broadly: the relationship between politics and media & entertainment in other parts of the world; what dynamics in the Middle East make that relationship more contentious; and how each of his case studies demonstrate a certain component of that complexity, etc.). CYB106: Global Media & Entertainment Industries – Assessment Task 2 Page 4 of 7 For this assessment, we want you to do something similar in response to a particular question. Make an original claim backed up by evidence from CYB106. Your writing should make explicit, clear and relevant links between the readings to help break down your topic into meaningful components that support your analysis.

Must use 4 sources, use robin’s reading, very clear thesis at the end of the first paragraph with bold font.

Topic sentences must have a clear point for every paragraph.

Please start from now yet there are some more specific instructions that will be sent to you as soon as I get them

Let me know what topic you’re going to be critiquing before you start please.

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