Data analysis and visualizing

Final Project (Interactive)

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Read and perform the required exercises.  This will help you complete the assignment.

This url list the popular data visualization tools separated into 2 categories: (1) Tools for developers requiring coding and (2) Tools for non-developers that do not require coding.  Read and familiarize yourself with the different categories of tools.

This is the link to d3 website.  It provides examples to assist with your final project.


  1. Data Examination [25 points]
    1. Examine the dataset to determine how you want to create an interactivity design and briefly explain your solution.
  2. Data Transformation [25 points]
    1. Perform data transformation techniques such as data cleansing, conversion, creation, and consolidation on the dataset.
    2. Record the transformation activities you performed on your dataset.
  3. Data Exploration and Presentation [50 points]
    1. Decide how you want to present the data.
    2. Use the D3 website to get an idea.
  4. Build an interactive web site [100 points]
    1. Design and develop an interactive website using the example from Make sure to pick the graph that will depict your interactive solution.
    2. Explain the challenge you encounter displaying your data versus the sample data used on
    3. Explain how to avoid such occurrence when and if you decide to go live/production.
    4. D3 reads different data format. Explain the formats and give examples. [25 ppoints]
  5. Explain how you would design and develop a system that allows the data to constantly change (dynamic) with a database. [50 points]


Word file with following:

  • Data examination process
  • Data transformation required
  • HTML page (html)
  • Dynamic system description
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