develop a schedule that produces a level loading of the resources

Question (6) 

chapter 8 

pages (286 – 287) 

here is what my instructor sent regarding the Q 6:

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This exercise is similar to the resource scheduling issues you face in SIM Project for the Alliance Prototype Project. The question is..can you respond positively to your partner regarding his request?

The major objective for this assignment is to develop a schedule that produces a level loading of the resources – in this case the backhoes. The request from your partner,Brooker, is for you to release 1 of your backhoes to him for use on another project. The question therefore is, can you complete your project in no more than 11 months with 2 backhoes? This requires you to level load your resources at no more than 2 per month.

However, there are some constraints in the project. For example,  activities 5 & 6 require 2 backhoes. That is a project constraint.  The other activities only require 1 backhoe.


Pay attention to the slack available for each activity, there is some flexibility regarding the sequence of activities.

Even though the current project schedule is set for 9 months, you have been authorized to complete the project no later than month 11.

Use the attached template to prepare and post your proposed solution

Resource Schedule Template (1).doc 

Project Management 5th Edition.pdf 

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