Diabetes and Intersexuality Critical Thinking

ONLY 150 words each!!! With at least 1 refer


Thinking Critically: Research and investigate the viability and side effects of the many new classifications of drugs that are emerging to treat either Type II Diabetes or Rheumatoid Arthritis. To what extent are these drugs as equally dangerous as the diseases. Evaluate the side effects of new medications for these maladies. At what life stages are such treatments worth the risk in your opinion? (150-200 words)


1. Thinking Critically: Imagine that you were the parent of a child born with ambiguous sex organs. How would you deal with intersexuality? There is much debate over when or if to surgically “correct” such a baby. What is, in fact, “correct?” in these circumstances. Do a bit of research into the doctors’ dilemmas and also consider to what extent the social construction of the normative plays in these decisions. (150-200 words)

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