Discussion Board 2

The following include a list of crime types that have similarities and differences:

  • Financial crimes
  • Computer crimes
  • Property theft
  • Fraud
  • Counterfeiting

Use the above list to discuss the following:

  • Compare and contrast two items from the above list.
  • Include an example of the type of crime incidents that would be in the category selected.
    • Example 1: A bank robbery would be property theft of money. This example would not be classified as a fraud; however, it is possible to prosecute a crime under more than one category.
    • Example 2: The use of computers and fraud or theft and fraud or a combination of all of these items may be classified as a white-collar crime.
  • Search for examples of the crimes, classify them in the above categories, and note any statistical information indicating the extent of loss or how frequent these events occur.

APA format for references and in ABC order.

3–4 paragraphs

At least 5 references.

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