Discussion board

After reading and reviewing the Educational Activities for Module 1, please complete the following Discussion Question. It is important to incorporate the modular learning objectives in your understanding of nursing research and evidenced-based practice. Or, you can write what your learned and can apply from the readings.

Define research, nursing research, and evidence-based practice. o Describe the purposes of research in implementing an evidence-based practice for nursing o Describe the ways of acquiring nursing knowledge o Identify the levels of research evidence available to nurses for practice. Identify the barriers of evidenced based practice in nursing o Apply the Iowa Model of EBP in implementing evidenced-based change in practice o Use the PICO format to formulate clinical questions to identify evidence for use in practice.

Review Grove, Gray, & Burns Chapters 1 & 13

The PDF below is the book. Just answere the questions using chapter 1 and 13 from the PDF below

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