ECO2013 Florida State Worst Cities in United States Paper Research Matrix

For this paper, you must:

1st – Identify the Top 10 worst cities in the United States of America and put them on the matrix in order

2nd – Choose 3 of those top 10 cities and fill out all of the sections on the matrix and answer all of the questions from the word document.

For section 1: All you have to do is list the Top 10 worst cities in the United States.

For section 2 and section 3 of the word document, answer each question on a separate Microsoft word document in 4-Sentence paragraph format. (4-Sentence paragraph format means to ONLY write 4-Sentences in each paragraph and each sentence in every paragraph has to be between 15-20 words.) Make sure you read each question thoroughly and answer each question with correct information and use correct grammar and punctuation.

For section 3, Question 1, it is referring to free trade and fair trade.

When you fill out the matrix, ONLY list the top 10 cities in the column where it says City, then at the top of the matrix list the top 3 worst cities, and then nothing else goes on the matrix.

Answer every part on the rest of the columns for the top 3 cities on another separate Microsoft word document.


US Cities Paper

Attached Files:

Page 10a: the instructions

Page 10b: research matrix

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