Essay about the middle east

  • I need an essay on any of these topics:
  • – Ancient Middle East (focus on a major work such as Gilgamesh, discuss ancient empires, battles of ancient empires and expansion)
  • -Orientalism (main ideas of Edward Said, what literature or art support Orientalist ideas, relation of the West with the East)
  • -Abrahamic Religions (Choose one religion Judaism, Christianity, or Islam and discuss its scared text, how the religion evolved, impact of religion on current political or social situations)
  • -Frames for studying the Middle East- Discuss Orientalism and the Clash of Civilization frames
  • -Discuss Middle Eastern Humanities- What is distinct about the humanities of the Middle East? Discuss the historical development of the Arabic language or poetry.
  • -Golden Age of Islam- Discuss a philosopher, scientist, or discovery made during this period. Discuss this time period as historical development.
  • -WWI and its effects on the Middle East (Sykes-Picot treatise) – effects of the Atlantic World Economy on the Middle East
  • -Arab Spring- Pick a country and discuss what happened and the results of the protests
  • -Terrorism- Pick a country and discuss terrorism impact on a particular country, War and its impact on terrorism, international terrorism
  • -Middle Eastern people in the US and how they respond to the world affairs
  • -Environmentalism and how some countries will respond to the effects of climate change and sustainability for the future.
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