FIN571 Georgia State University Corporate Finance Questions

See questions attached . Please show detail work.

  • FinanceAssignment 1This morning, you arrived at your job as Head of Client Advisory Services for a major investment firm and saw only two items of your calendar. At 10:00 am you have an appointmentwith a major client, Mrs. Smith and at 2:00pm you have a tee time to play Golf with several colleagues. While at first you were happy, you then read the details of your first appointment. Mrs. Smith today is turning 65, it is the first day of her retirement and she wants to discuss multiple options regarding her investments. You may have to skip golf today.Before Mrs. Smith arrives, you study her account file and notice she has six different investments:1. A promissory note entitling her to receive a lump sum of $100,000 5 years from today. Similar notes today yield 5% per year.2. A 10 year CD paying 8% interest per year that she opened exactly 10 years ago with a $35,000 deposit.3. An insurance settlement that will pay her $1,200 per month for the next 40 months. A finance company, GJ Worthless, is willing to buy this settlement from her today as long itcan obtain a yield of 0.85% per month on its investment.4.
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