global business essay Identify the source of funds within Micro Credit, writing homework help

1) As a group, discuss your perspectives on the following:

a) Identify the source of funds within Micro Credit? How does this differ from traditional sources of financing?

b) What internal and external governance mechanisms are in place in Micro Credit?

c) What roles do norms and values play in the globalization of Micro Credit? Explain.

d) Is microcredit the result of global divergence?

2) Based on your group discussions and your own personal insights, prepare a 1-page write-up on Items a), b), c) and d). Upload your work by the due date.

3)For this assignment, you may work on this with a partner or by yourself. If working with a partner, only 1 person should turn it in. Make sure your partner’s name is on the document submitted

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