Global Marketing Plan Project Assignment: Part 2

The chosen company for this assignment is AIRBNB.

Each “Global Marketing Plan Project Assignment” completed throughout the semester will be part of your Global Marketing Plan Project grade. You will be able to use the information that you gather in each assignment to build your “Final Global Marketing Plan”.

An international marketing plan is built around a company’s desire to sell a product in an international market. Your plan will need to be built around a product idea.

Complete the following activities:

  1. Identify a product that you think you would like to sell internationally. It needs to be a new product to the company. Write a description of the product.
  2. Specify the characteristics of the market segment to which you want to sell.
  3. Note the Country that you selected in your earlier assignment. (If you have decided to change the country note that here.)
  4. Explain the reasons you think the product would or would not need to be changed for this international market.

please check the PDF for more information

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