Globalization question responses

2 pages

Answer four questions according to Lectures and readings.

No outside sources , no research.

You should combine lecture and reading with the topic and then talk about your understanding and ideas.

I have give what you should read for each topic.

Use your own words

1. Two part question on Globalization Phases and drivers of Hyperglobalization Processes

Prep Lectures 2 and 3; O’Rourke and Williamson (About 300-400 words for this question)

2.Globalization of Sport

Prep Lecture 1 (Last 4 slides); Giulianotti (About 200-250 words for this question)

3. Globalization and India’s LPG policy

Prep Lecture 6; Nayyar rather than Sahoo (About 300-350 words for this question)

4. Globalization and SSA

Prep Lecture 7 ; Ibrahim (About 200-250 words for this question)


Single Space

MLA format

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