HE551 Purdue Chickering’s Theory of Identity Development


The purpose of this Assignment is to apply Chickering’s Vectors of Student Development to issues in today’s world.


Take one of Chickering’s Vectors of Student Development and talk about how issues confronting today’s world, including terror threats and war, multiculturalism, racial, ethnic and gender equality, and socioeconomic diversity, have created special challenges and needs for college students. Choose one or two specific vectors to focus on in your discussion, as well as one or two specific concerns or challenges that administrators should address. Write your analysis in a 2- to 3-page paper.

For this Assignment, you will need to evaluate outside research on the vector that you choose to further understand the details of the vector and research that has been conducted using the vector. Pay special attention to the treatment of racial/ethnic groups and student development. Use the ERIC or Academic Premier search functions in the Library to search for one or two additional articles to support your analysis.

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