help with integrative case and questions

Part 1

Read the Track Software case (Integrative Case 2) in your textbook and answer Questions a-g at the end of the case. The case is cumulative and incorporates concepts learned throughout the course. Keep the following in mind as your complete the assignment:

  1. In Question b, calculate EPS for each year 2009-2015.
  2. In Question d, make sure to include each ratio listed in Table 5 of the case for both 2014 and 2015. You will have to calculate the 2015 ratio values.
  3. For Question d, you are required to write an evaluation of each area of performance as part of your answer. Merely citing numerical ratio values will not earn full credit.
  4. Note that your answers for Questions f and g do not necessarily match.

Answer all questions on an Excel spreadsheet using the same guidelines for spreadsheet development used for your homework assignments. See “Guidelines for Developing Spreadsheets” for a full description of additional requirements.

  1. Submit a single spreadsheet file for this assignment, do not submit multiple files.
  2. Answer each question on a different spreadsheet tab.
  3. Label all numbers, both variables and the final answer.
  4. Use the yellow highlighter on Excel’s top menu bar to highlight your final answer.

Part 2

Complete the following problems from Chapter 7 in the textbook:

  1. P7-2
  2. P7-8
  3. P7-10
  4. P7-14
  5. P7-17
  6. P7-19

Follow these instructions for completing and submitting your assignment:

  1. Do all work in Excel. Do not submit Word files or *.pdf files.
  2. Submit a single spreadsheet file for this assignment. Do not submit multiple files.
  3. Place each problem on a separate spreadsheet tab.
  4. Label all inputs and outputs and highlight your final answer.
  5. Follow the directions in “Guidelines for Developing Spreadsheets.”
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