HMD 320 Section 1001 UNLV Strategic Diversity Plan: Hilton Hotel

One full page, single spaced.

Answer ALL of the following questions:

Did the company address all 10 critical elements of a Strategic Diversity Plan? Use numbers 1-10 below to set up your paper. Below each heading, reference where in the Diversity Plan the company includes this topic. If the company did not include it, what were they missing and how could they have presented a stronger plan? IN YOUR OPINION, COULD THIS COMPANY HAVE DONE BETTER WHEN FORMULATING ITS DIVERSITY STATEMENTS AND PRACTICES? In order to make sure you include all 10 areas, you should set up your paper as follows, and write your answers below each of the 10 items: As a refresher of what these 10 sections are, refer to TEN ELEMENTS OF STRATEGIC DIVERSITY PLAN in the SHRM folder.TEN ELEMENTS OF STRATEGIC DIVERSITY PLAN.docx

Before you begin this assignment, be sure to review what a diversity policy is: SHRM Generic Diversity Policy.pdf Has the hospitality organization you’ve chosen pay attention to these groups?

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