I need help with multiple choice management questions (SVR332 week 2 quiz)

The person credited with setting up the first European restaurant of modern times, in 1765, was _____________. (Points : 1)

  Auguste Escoffier
  Caesar Ritz
  Howard Johnson
  Monsieur Boulanger

Question 3. 3. The main benefit of franchise ownership is ___________. (Points : 1)

  the return on the initial investment is quick
  the concept is proven and less likely to fail
  the initial fees paid to own a franchise are low
  all franchise owners become millionaires

Question 5. 5. Sodexho’s mission is to ______________. (Points : 1)

  provide job opportunities for graduates of hospitality management programs
  become the dominant leader in the managed services segment
  create and offer services that contribute to a more pleasant way of life for people wherever and whenever they come together
  become the market leader in food and beverage services on the New York Stock Exchange

Question 8. 8. The word restaurant comes from a French word meaning __________. (Points : 1)


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