I need short answers for this communications assignment

1.  You will have discovered that culturally diverse groups often have difficulty establishing satisfactory roles and norms because of differences in cultural expectations. Such groups require extra effort in group building and maintenance.

Based on what you have learned, please explain what additional tactics may be employed to manage culturally diverse groups successfully. (at least 120 words with reference)

2.  We have been learning about the various factors that are a part of managing and working in groups. It has been explained that creativity plays a significant role in successful group performance. 

How can you foster creativity in groups and teams? (at least 120 words with reference)

How might organizations combat the problems resulting from herd behavior?

(at least 120 words with reference)

4.  What are the main forms of electronic communication? What are their unique benefits and challenges?(at least 120 words with reference)


1.  Write a paper of 300 words discussing the results of your Career Exploration.- Budget Analyst and Finance Analyst

  • Do these results fit in with your desired career path?  Why or Why not?

-> Yes, the results fit in with my desired career path because I was always interested in Finance field (please continue

  • Were you surprised by the results? Why or Why not?

-> Yes, I was surprised by the results because

2.  Describe techniques to overcome those barriers and enhance group communication.

(at least 300 words with reference)

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