IFSM 495 UMUC Proposed Software Solutions

Proposed Solution:

The primary business objective is to grow profit margins, and the recommended solutions of consolidated business practices in the most efficient way possible. Increased efficiency allows the elimination of wasteful practices and provides the ability to increase production and sales. Increasing sales will require a focus on product and customer support. A software package that allows TC to provide estimates as well as quickly and effectively communicate with past and future clients. The Jobnimbus software provides unlimited cloud storage which enables for future expansion of the business. One of its most significant features is the online desktop support of QuickBooks. These tools would combine to provide functional software designed for the flooring industry that helps with the execution of business processes and finances.

QuickBooks provides accounting and business functionality software which is a necessity with the addition of warehouse space and the physical separation of sites. Automating and simplifying business processes presents an opportunity to gather and analyze data to identify where further business efficiencies can be realized as well as profit margins increased. Aligning functions into a single solution is the most cost-effective means of consolidating business functions. This also allows Jerry Montgomery and Mike Baker the capability to log into their account and view expenses, sales trends, invoices, profit margins at different locations. QuickBooks subscription also includes access to support specialist should they have any technical difficulties or issues with the software.

JobNimbus is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Project Management software that will allow improved customer interaction and job planning. Customer interaction, contract drafting workflow automation, and job quotes. The ability to quickly and efficiently communicate with the customer. Job quotes, order material and de-conflict schedules are all functions that are integrated into the JobNimbus software suite.

Implementing the Advanced JobNimbus Package requires onsite computer installation, internet provider, a router, and JobNimbus business contract. The Advance JobNimbus Package requires a monthly subscription of $125.00. Inputting all of their company inventory and finances would be the second step in the IT migration. The timeframe for this is four weeks.

These two solutions combined provide a modern approach to business functions that automate practices and reduce cost. Providing better customer service at a lower cost align to the desire of increasing profit margin. Both software suites offer increased functionality at a reasonable price a subscription fee allows the cost to be spread over time. This reduces the upfront investment necessary to upgrade the business.

Once they implement JobNimbus and QuickBooks to take the profit margins beyond industry levels Jerry Montgomery and Mike Baker should explore social media marketing. Placing ads on Facebook, a social media platform allows a business to only pay per clicks. Businesses initially set a monthly budget, and their ads are posted only to people who are most likely interested in buying their products expanding advertisement to two billion users versus only to the local market bringing endless capabilities to increase profit margins.

The final solution is establishing a web presence. The business model currently used do not address the cost-effective advertisement that can be leveraged using a web presence. However, with the establishment of social media sites for the company and hosting of a website to display inventory and sales information for potential customers.

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