Importance of An Expanded Telemedicine Program Presentation

Using the provided scenario develop a 12-15 slide PowerPoint (title and reference page not included) that includes the following:

-What new or enhanced health information capabilities will be required to ensure reimbursement for telemedicine services?

-How will your current information systems (clinical and administrative) be assessed for these capabilities?

-Are there any commercially available options?

-What literature contains reported experiences of other healthcare facilities transitioning to offer expanded telemedicine services?

-What other documents could guide this transition?

-Speaker notes with in text citations are mandatory.

-A minimum of 3 scholarly resources.

As technology, patient needs, and societal expectations evolve, healthcare organizations need to consider how they can continue to best serve their customers. Adding telemedicine services to existing healthcare organizations is a powerful example of this. Telemedicine is medical care delivered remotely, using either telephone or video communications. At the same time, video-chat technology has been improving, more patients are facing mobility challenges. Simultaneously, most people in society expect to be able to consume services remotely. These three factors combine to create an opportunity for healthcare organizations to adapt and better meet their patients’ needs.

In this week’s assignment, you will apply your knowledge of the administrative and clinical care information systems used in healthcare to analyze the potential impact of program changes at a healthcare facility. To do so, you will review a scenario of a fictitious healthcare setting and provide your best response to this scenario:

The global telemedicine market is expected to more than double in size, to $41.2B in 2021 (Statista, 2019). A popular healthcare facility in your community is exploring the strategic expansion of its telemedicine capabilities to better reach community members with limited physical access to the facility. As a healthcare administrator in this facility, you’ve been asked to prepare a brief presentation for upper management on the expected impact of this expansion on the facility’s clinical, administrative, and billing information systems. Since this expansion is still in the exploratory phase, your primary task is to identify the potential scope-of-work necessary to enhance the information systems.


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