intro to operations mngt- BA 365 -week 3

page 227

You’ll find this assignment on Page 227, Chapter 6 of the text.  There are two numbered questions, each with two subsections.  The entire assignment is worth 100 points; each subsection is then worth 25 points.  To receive full credit, you’ll need to:

  1. Answer each numbered question, parts a and b.

  2. Defend your answer with examples of explanations.  These are largely math questions, but you’ll want to be able to justify how you arrived at it.  If the math is wrong but your reasoning is accurate, you can still get most or even all of the points (this isn’t a math class). 

  3. Use course concepts where applicable in your response.  For example, important equations for this week’s assignment include Equation 6 on page 217, and Equation 2 on page 205.

page 217 example 6.pdf

page 205.pdf

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