Introduction to Logistics/Supply Chain Management

Deliverable length: 400–600 words

Because you just came on board, the chief executive officer (CEO) has asked you to address the senior staff about the role of logistics in the future direction of the company, which the CEO has also announced to everyone as the reason you are joining the firm. You begin the meeting, going around the room and asking each staff member for his or her understanding of what logistics means, and how it can play an increasingly important role in business success.

Describe the following:

1.What logistics means in today’s business world

2.Why it is becoming increasingly important for business success

  Many of the reasons to becoming increasingly:

   Increases in transportation costs

   Increased use of computers/computer technology

   Increased power of retailers



Identify the concepts and supporting references for logistics.

Describe the importance and techniques for effective logistics.

Explain how logistics functions impact each other.

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