Jacksonville University Serco Ing Organizational Analysis

Identify the inputs and outputs of the company. (Serco Inc.) https://www.serco.com/na

Using APA format and the following guidelines, discuss the operations-management aspects of your selected company, followed by your recommendations for improvement. Limit your response for each question to a maximum of two to three pages. Be sure to label each numbered section along with each respective response. Include any citations and adhere to the rules of written English. Include a reference page at the end of the paper. Typically this paper is in the 10-15 page range on average (figuring about 1-2 pages per section on average). If necessary make the paper generic and company, vendor, and/ or customer names will be inserted later.

  1. Who are the customers and suppliers of the company? (Rather than naming specific ones, describe the general types of customers and suppliers.)
  2. How can customer value be measured?
  3. What is the mission of the company? What implications does this mission have for its strategic operations-management decisions (e.g., workforce, capacity, scheduling, etc.)?
  4. Explain the Total Quality Management (TQM) principles that the company employs.
  5. Name some decision criteria the company might use in selecting a location or layout (your choice) for one of their facilities. Which criteria are the most critical? Note: If the company is retail, focus on the facility that is closest to the customer in the supply.
  6. Describe the supply chain of the company. If multiple product lines exist, choose the most profitable.
  7. How is just-in-time (JIT) principles applied in your chosen company? If not applied, how might it be applied?
  8. Name one way in which this company is “out of the box” in its thinking, if applicable. How does this thinking set them apart from their competition and how does it make a difference?
  9. Be a Jonah (Jonah the Socratic Consultant from The Goal). If you were brought in as the wise consultant to fix or improve the company, name at least one thing you would recommend and why. Your focus may be on its metrics, its processes, its quality, its supply chain or just about anything that would help to bring them toward its profit goal.

Include any citations and adhere to the rules of written English.


Practical Operations Management – 2nd ed (9781939297136)

The Goal – Revised 30th Anniversary 3rd ed (9780884271956)

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