Legal Research Project, law homework help

Regarding format, for this assignment, you do not have to submit your assignment in a formal “paper form” or even use the template provided which I have provided an example below. Instead, present all of the requested information in an organized fashion, with proper headings, being sure to include the following:

Present conclusion about the legal issue

Present a discussion/narrative that includes the facts of the case (just repeat Part 1) and the conclusions you drew about Bob and Mary’s legal problem. Include in your discussion the minimum sources you found and make it clear how they support your conclusion. The instructions require a minimum of:

  • Two cases
  • Two statutes
  • Two secondary sources

Be sure to identify in your discussion whether or not your state has a law against possession of chemicals that can be used to make methamphetamines.

Be sure to cite each source using Blue Book form!

Self-reflection on your legal research effort

Your assignment instructions ask you to discuss the following related to the legal research process that you had mapped out in week 6:

1.Which of your planned searches were completed as you planned them?

2.Which of your planned searches were either not completed, or did not work as planned?

3.Which sources and methods helped you most?

4.What did you learn about legal research by planning and then carrying out a plan?

In terms of form, just list each question and provide your answer/discussion after each one. Be sure to answer in complete sentences and provide specific examples, sources, and/or citations from your research effort to explain your answers.

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